Kyiv Wine
Branding for the Wine & Food Festival in Kyiv
Designed in
Creative director Anton Ivanov
Designer Dasha Levchuk
Kyiv Wine – is a big festival of wine and food in Kyiv. This festival brings together more than seventy wine producers from all over the world and many restaurants and famous chefs. Workshops, activities for kids, concerts with good food and wine – all that was happening during one weekend on the territory of an old factory. That is why this event needed a bold and bright identity, that reflects the young and dynamic atmosphere of the festival.

We were inspired by national flags and decided to create illustrations and patterns in this style. That's how we got 'building blocks' for this identity. These 'blocks' let us create a great variety of printed materials (from tickets to 10 meters long banners and stickers for water towers) in a short period of time.
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