Modular font
Play – is a modular font that I dedicated to the space for kids 'Landscape for the game' in Matadero, Madrid by Aberrant Architecture.

Landscape for the game – is a playground, that brings the shapes of the city indoors. These structures, and geometrical shapes, along with the colourful floor pattern, invite children of all ages to use this new place in an imaginative way and play freely.

  • Architects: Aberrant Architecture
  • Photographs: Lukasz Michalak
I started from creating a pixel based alphabet, trying to bring geometrical shapes from the playground to my font, making it as simple and readable as possible. Also I made a second, display version of the alphabet. As you can see on the picture below, I took out some modules (pixels) from the letters and replaced them with another geometrical shapes and added colour, as well. This way for the posters to promote the space and for some souvenir products I can use the display version of the font and the basic one for all the information on smaller mediums. The display font is quite playful and flexible, the amount of letters you can create by replacing some pixels with other shapes is endless, which also reflects the idea of the playground, that kids and adults can use freely and imaginatively.
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