Clothing brand for girls
Sasha is a Ukrainian brand of clothes for girls. The company was founded 23 years ago in Slavutich, Ukraine. Today it has a large production with the most advanced technologies and modern equipment.
However its corporate image was outdated and its branding strategy not developed. That is why it is time for some changes and for a new logo and brand identity.

They are producing dresses for special occasions, as well as casual outerwear and clothes for newborns. But the most important thing is that all this clothes are created to bring joy to kids and their parents, to make every day a special day.
Keeping that in mind, we decided that we need a logo, that will be special, but classy at the same time, showcasing the knowhow acquired in the last two decades. That is why I drew logo inspired by Old Style Serifs. I didn't use capital letters, because although I was looking for elegant look, I didn't want it to look too formal. Considering that kids are the joy of our life and that we celebrate everyday we spend together, we covered it all (packaging, discount cards, gift certificate, etc.) with confetti.
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