Space Bar – healthy bar for kids
Packaging concept
Space Bar is an organic snack for kids from 3 years old that contains only nuts and dried fruits. I was invited to create a packaging for a line of three bars, that they have right now. Although the product is for kids, the target audience are parents. That is why the needed a packaging that is attractive for both categories.
When I was a kid, a small sticker on my banana was almost as valuable as the banana itself. It was long ago, but I believe that kids still like them. So, when I was working on the packaging for the healthy bars for kids that are made of fruits and nuts, I decided to make something similar. There are three types of bars, I picked three plain and bright colours and put all the ingredients on the left part. The rest of the information is on stickers. Also I made a family box. Inside of it there is an actual sticker pack, kids can put them on the box or elsewhere. The cool part of it is that it can be changed seasonally with new illustrations and be collectible.

Along with the packaging they also created promotional products, such as T-shirts, tote bags, water bottles, etc.
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